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Enabling liquid capital, assets and talent so everyone prospers

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What are we doing?

Today's Supply Chains Must Evolve

To meet disruptive challenges, the Sweetbridge Alliance will:

  • 1Create frictionless, decentralized autonomous value networks on the scale of nations
  • 2Emancipate the world’s supply chain talent to optimize operations
  • 3Share millions of underutilized assets across organizational boundaries
  • 4Unlock trillions in working capital trapped in supply chain assets

How are we doing it?

The Rise of Liquid Value Networks

Global commerce is plagued by friction and misaligned interests. Intermediaries obstruct efficient fair value exchange. The winners of tomorrow will collaborate seamlessly across millions of entities. The result is an optimized flow of resources from raw materials to finished goods - due to supply chains operating as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) on the blockchain.

Loans are an outdated means of managing real risk.
Today Loans aren't simple. They require intermediaries who are held to outdated means of managing real risk for counter-parties.
With Sweetbridge Receive interest-free cash by collateralizing your existing assets on the blockchain and adding your existing trading partners to the Sweetbridge settlement platform.
Factories, warehouses and transportation equipment are underutilized around the world
Today Factories, warehouses and transportation equipment are underutilized around the world. Rigid processes and organizational structures prohibit asset sharing for their most profitable use.
With Sweetbridge Assets flow to meet demand where they are needed, across organizational boundaries. Asset owners realize increased profits by sharing assets through a decentralized ledger.
Talent is stuck in hierarchical and bureaucratic organizations
Today Talent is stuck in hierarchical and bureaucratic organizations. People's skills and Intellectual Property are not rewarded based on the value they provide.
With Sweetbridge Talent is free to supply skills and solutions to problems across organizational boundaries. Individuals are rewarded for outcomes according to the value they deliver, as measured and verified by the blockchain.
Counterfeits, fraud, unethical manufacturing, improper treatment of products, data errors, latency and lack of transparency create friction in the supply chain.
Today Counterfeits, fraud, unethical manufacturing, improper treatment of products, data errors, latency and lack of transparency create friction in the supply chain.
With the Sweetbridge Alliance Members combine AIs, IoT, DApps, tokenized assets & services, protocols, compliance, education and infrastructure to provide real time, clean, trusted data for a liquid value network.

The Sweetbridge Alliance

Take part in our mission to build frictionless value networks that leverage blockchain technology to build industry solutions for distributed autonomous economies.

We are partnering with the best blockchain technology projects, delivery partners, blockchain coalitions and thought leaders across industries to bring this revolution to life.

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Sweetbridge Ecosystems

It takes a community to deploy blockchain solutions for value networks at a global scale. We are bringing decentralized autonomous experts together in market-focused ecosystems.

Supply Chain & Logistics Ecosystem

Supply Chain & Logistics

Manufacturing Ecosystem


Life Sciences Ecosystem

Life Sciences

High Tech Ecosystem

High Tech

Retail Ecosystem


Financial Services Ecosystem

Financial Services

Commercial Law Ecosystem

Commercial Law

Tax & Compliance Ecosystem

Tax & Compliance

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The Sweetbridge Blog

Stories surrounding the places we go, people we meet, and lessons we learn in the blockchain community, global value networks, and building distributed economies on the blockchain.

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accelerate the flow of global commerce with:

Sweetbridge Tokens and Protocols

Our tokens and open source protocols provide liquidity and collateralization throughout Decentralized Autonomous Value Networks.

Phase One:
Unlock money from assets you already own, interest-free
Phase Two:
Liquid Settlement
Unlock working capital through the Settlement Platform
Future Phases:
Liquid Value Network
Unlock valuable talent and assets across the network

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The Sweetbridge Team

We are an open-source project sponsored by a Swiss non-profit foundation. Contributors to the project are a diverse group of global citizens from 8 different countries with experience in blockchain, supply chain, economics, trade finance and technology development.

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Sweetbridge Team Member Jason English Jason English
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Sweetbridge Team Member Tiffany Tucker Tiffany Tucker
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