Reduce risk and unlock value

The Sweetbridge technology stack provides continuous assurance of the data that supports your business

The Sweetbridge technology stack provides continuous assurance of the data that supports your business. It reduces the risk of fraud and error by standardizing, automating, auditing and validating everything in your value chain in real-time. From large enterprises with complex value chains, to financial institutions with millions of customers, or governments wanting to improve regulatory compliance, Sweetbridge technology can be used to make errors difficult and fraud impractical -- while enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Validated real-time data creates shared trust across your value chain, making it possible for your business to adapt more quickly, access new forms of financing, ensure brand authenticity, drive customer acquisition and retention, and ensure social and economic sustainability.

Three example use cases

Digital Assets

The Sweetbridge platform is being used by a variety of entities to create digital assets out of real world assets. From cotton to real estate the Sweetbridge platform allows any real world asset or right to be turned into a fungible asset. The rights to assets can be used to unlock value that is typically 10% to 100% of the value of the asset without affecting the value of the asset itself.

Financial Services

Supply Chain

As1 enables a value chain to act as a single virtual entity with a fully integrated value chain. As1 uses the Sweetbridge platform to create an Inter-Enterprise Resource Planning system with Continuous Assurance for an entire value chain – from the ground to the retailer. Optimization of working capital, risk and operations increases margins for everyone in the value chain.

Prove anything to anyone anywhere

We share increasing amounts of information about everything and some information is inaccurate. Whether this is a result of ignorance, neglect, error or deceit, there is risk in trusting data. Inaccurate, incomplete and ambiguous data can ruin a reputation, bankrupt a company, collapse an economy or negatively affect the financial system of the world – which occurred in 2008.

New distributed ledger technologies allow us to share the same data and state, which leads to the reduction of some errors. But how do we know the data is an accurate reflection of reality?

The Sweetbridge Synchronized Accounting platform was designed to measure, manage and reduce this risk. The real time monitoring of risk and information that the Sweetbridge platform provides creates new strategic opportunities that can benefit companies and individuals alike. The Sweetbridge technology stack can be used in a wide variety of use cases to reduce risk, optimize processes, and unlock the value in your assets and your business network.

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The platform

The Sweetbridge platform provides distributed protocols that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and Internet of Things (IoT) to measure and prove data is accurate. These protocols can be used as a decentralized Inter-enterprise Resource Planning system, to perform Continuous Data Assurance, Continuous Auditing and real-time Control Monitoring, known as Synchronized Accounting.

Synchronized Accounting is a peer-to-peer protocol used to build reusable and shareable components that standardize, automate, audit and validate transactions for an asset class and workflow within a legal jurisdiction. Components are used to create common identity, legal agreements, accounting treatments, asset transfer workflows and settlement within a business network.

The Synchronized Accounting platform is tech stack neutral and can sit on top of any blockchain, IoT protocol, or AI system.

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The potential of this technology has been recognized by:

The State of Arizona has accepted Sweetbridge into its newly developed Financial Technology Sandbox.

Sweetbridge won the world's first 'Aviation Blockchain Challenge' hosted by SAP and Lufthansa

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    Sweetbridge is truly a pioneer of this next era of the digital revolution. They have a bold vision, a strong team and I continue to be impressed by the transformative solutions they're building to improve the way we do business and make global commerce more accessible for everyone.

    Don Tapscott

    Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at
    Blockchain Research Institute

  • Smith & Crown Report ambitious long-term outlook that promises meaningful real-world impacts even if only a portion of those ambitions are realised.

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