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Sweetbridge Blockchain Alliance

Join our mission to build a value network that leverages blockchain technology to enable solutions for global industries.

An alliance for blockchain-based growth and innovation

The Sweetbridge Crowdsale Platform can help you fund your business using blockchain-based tokens before, during and after your crowdsale. The Alliance then helps you pay for the expansion of your business using a new crowdsale and discount token model built for results and regulatory compliance.

We're charting a better way to build a tokenization funding model to support the development of fairer, faster trade models for global commerce. Let's make this capability available to innovative blockchain startups and businesses seeking growth. We'll fund the best ideas from project inception to expansion of your business, while using discount tokens to create a loyal and engaged customer community.

The Sweetbridge Crowdsale Platform uses token economics to make these goals achievable.

Welcome to a new economic funding model made possible by the Sweetbridge Alliance.

What Does The Alliance Provide?

The Sweetbridge Alliance provides a common economic framework to projects. This framework creates positive feedback loops that increase value and adoption. Combined forces for better results, faster.


We provide methods for securing funding during the pivotal building months pre-crowdsale to our strategic partners


We provide expert resources to co-develop White Papers & MVPs, to comply with global regulation, and legal & business administration to successfully launch a crowdsale in a changing global market

Shared Resources

We provide a resource pool, which reduces costs to MVP and from MVP to the flow of revenue

Enterprise Engagement

We connect Projects with the market. Closing Proof of Concepts and early adopter projects with Global 1000 enterprises

We've partnerned with the best blockchain technology projects, delivery partners, blockchain coalitions and thought leaders across industries to bring this revolution to life. Get to know them below.

Interested In Joining The Alliance?

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